1. Self-titled (Atmospheric Progressive Metal)

  2. All Against All (Thrash Metal)
    CHAOS (Kerala, India)

  3. $cam (Blackened Grindcore)
    HEATHEN BEAST (Kolkata, India)

  4. The Human Paradox (Death Metal)
    PLAGUE THROAT (Shillong, India)

  5. The Fallen Reich (Death/Thrash Metal)
    Assault (Singapore)

  6. Ballox (Heavy Metal)
    LUCIDREAMS (Bangalore, India)

  7. Enemy of Duality (Vedic Metal)
    RUDRA (Singapore)

  8. Crocopter (Grindcore)
    GROSSTY (Bangalore, India)

  9. Delirious Excursion (Dark Death Metal)
    DARKRYPT (Mumbai, India)

  10. Fury Incarnate (Thrash/Crossover)
    CARNAGE INC. (Mumbai, India)

  11. The Delirium of Negation (Brutal Death Metal)
    WIRED ANXIETY (Navi Mumbai, India)

  12. Videha Mukti (Occult Black Metal)
    THE INFERNAL DIATRIBE (Kolkata, India)

  13. Centuries of Decadence (Death Metal)
    GODLESS (Hyderabad, India)

  14. Obituary for the Living (Thrash Metal)
    EXALTER (Bangladesh)

  15. Rise of the Saffron Empire (Black Metal)
    HEATHEN BEAST (Kolkata, India)

  16. Catacombs of Decay (Raw Death Metal)
    STRANGULATE (Kolkata, India)

  17. Immortal and Vile (Death Metal)
    PRIMITIV (Mumbai, India)

  18. Perversion Swallowing Sanity (Death Metal)
    THIRD SOVEREIGN (Aizwal, India)

  19. Sins Remain (Heavy Metal)
    BLACKHOUR (Pakistan)

  20. 2015 Label Sampler

  21. Gaijin (Technical Death Metal)
    GAIJIN (Mumbai, India)

  22. The Waste Land (Heavy/Progressive Metal)
    RECTIFIED SPIRIT (Guwahati, India)

  23. First Strike (Thrash Metal)
    ARMAMENT (Kolkata, India)

  24. Trident (Black Metal)
    HEATHEN BEAST (Kolkata, India)

  25. Path of Ascension (Black Metal)
    DIABOLUS ARCANIUM (Chennai, India)

  26. Fatal Assault (Heavy Metal)
    AGAINST EVIL (Vizag, India)

  27. Fear from the Skies (Heavy Metal)
    ALBATROSS (Mumbai, India)

  28. Beyond Forgotten Shores (Doom Metal)
    DORMANT INFERNO (Mumbai, India) / DIONYSUS (Pakistan)

  29. Fractals of Derangement (Brutal Death Metal)
    BIOPSY (Mumbai, India)

  30. Jamat-al-Maut (Grindcore)

  31. Violent Redemption (Thrash Metal)
    CHAOS (Kerala, India)

  32. Aurora Satanae (Black Metal)
    TOXOID (New Delhi, India)

  33. Twisted Levity (Heavy Metal/Hard Rock)
    GYPSY (Kolkata, India)

  34. Holocaust Awaits (Raw Death Metal)
    ZERO GRAVITY (Indore, India)

  35. On the Banks of Rubicon (Progressive Death Metal)
    ORION (Mumbai, India)

  36. Dis-Illumination (Old School Death Metal)
    WINTERGATE (Jaipur, India)

  37. Forever in the Realm (Doom Metal)
    DJINN AND MISKATONIC (Bangalore, India)


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Sub-label of the main international label, Transcending Obscurity Records.

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